While most connections in the web world are from you to a server, webhooks are the rare type of connection that server makes towards you! When it comes to Open, these webhooks are triggered by events like a new payment being created or processed.

Webhook url can be configured from the Open dashboard in the settings.


Configuring webhook URL

You can update your webhook URL by navigating to Setting -> Developer API

When development testing you can receive web hooks using tools such as Webhook inbox. Webhook inbox provides you with a webhook URL that you can use to watch web hook callbacks as they come in. This can be useful when trying to understand how webhook callbacks are formated.

Once you’ve written your code you can get webhook callbacks on your workstation using tools such as Ultrahook. Ultrahook will allow your workstation or laptop to receive web hooks even it’s behind firewalls or NATs. Ultrahook can’t help you if your machine is off, so remember to plug it in and turn it on.

Note that it is possible to receive more than one webhook callback for a single event. You will have to handle this scenario to prevent any duplicate order processing at your end.