Numeric Virtual Accounts


Open lets you create unique bank account numbers (aka Virtual Accounts) for each of your customers for which you wish to collect payments. You can share the generated virtual account number and IFSC code with your customer. Customer can transfer funds to the virtual account number through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS just like any other bank account number. As soon as when fund hits your account, we notify you on your webhook URL with all the details of the customer who made the payment on your virtual account number.

There are two ways by which you can make use of Virtual Accounts

  • Using virtual_accounts API: Open lets you generate virtual accounts for every customer from which you want to collect payments from. We take the heavy lifting of mapping your customer with a particular virtual account number.
  • Offline virtual accounts: Avoid the overhead of generating large number of virtual accounts via API. Open gives you predefined series of virtual accounts which you are free to use. Any incoming transaction hitting these series will be notified to you via webhook call. You have the end to end control of mapping your series to your customers.

What’s Next

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