Generating access_key and secret_key

To consume any Open APIs, you need access_key and secret_key.

To generate access_key and secret_key, Login to Open dashboard and navigate to Settings -> Company -> Developer API.



What is access_key ?

access_key is a unique key which you can generate from your Open dashboard. You can either generate a sandbox access_key or production access_key depending upon your environment. access_key is considered as a public key and is safe to be passed from client side. You can relate access_key to a username. However you should NEVER expose your secret_key and is considered sensitive and you can consider it as a password.


Do not share or expose your secret_key

secret_key is considered as sensitive and you should never share or expose secret_key. Exposing secret_key can make anyone sent request our APIs on your behalf. secret_key can be related to a password.