Open for Developers

We have been helping SMEs solve their day-to-day banking challenges from processing bulk payouts to auto-reconciling incoming bank payments with our easy to use dashboard.

Introducing Open for developers. Now process instant refunds to your customers, initiate payouts, collect payments through more than 200+ payment options and much more programmatically using our REST APIs.

Welcome to Open developer platform.

Why you should use Open APIs?

  • Unable to reconcile and track incoming bank transfers? Then you are going to love our Virtual Account APIs. Get instant webhook alerts when your customer makes a payment to your bank account.
  • Initiate payouts to any bank account, UPI address using our blazing-fast payout APIs.
  • Collect online payments using our seamless payment gateway integration.

If any of these makes sense, you are at the right place!


In order to query the Open API, you must sign up for Open. From there you can generate sandbox access_key and secret_key, necessary to access the API. Check the Authentication guide for more detail on using these credentials to query the API. In summary, every Open API request expects an Authorization and X-O-Timestamp headers to fulfill a request.


Sign up to generate the sandbox access_key and secret_key to integrate right away.

Response Headers

Every response from the Open API includes useful extra fields in the HTTP header, described below:

Request-IDstringunique identifier for this request


For any support, write to us at [email protected]


Please log your Request-IDs!

The aforementioned header field Request-ID is unique for every single response from the Open API. If your application model allows it, please consider logging this value. When you have support questions, providing associated Request-IDs can make issue diagnosis and response significantly faster.