A webhook is an HTTP endpoint that receives events from OPEN. Webhooks allow you to be notified about payment events that happen.

You can set up webhooks from your Dashboard and configure separate URLs for live mode and sandbox mode.

SetUp Webhook URL

To setup webhooks:

  1. Log into your OPEN Dashboard and navigate to Settings.
  2. Click on the tab Company
  3. Inside Developer API, setup your webhook URLs
  4. Click Save to enable webhooks.
  "amount": "55.30",
  "currency": "INR",
  "mtx": null,
  "attempts": 1,
  "id": "pt_BRgoBYuhcr4Q3Jz",
  "entity": "payment_token",
  "status": "paid",
  "udf": {
    "jithi": "ssss",
    "test": "test"
  "event": "payment_token_paid",
  "payment": {
    "amount": "55.30",
    "currency": "INR",
    "payment_error_code": null,
    "payment_error_description": null,
    "id": "py_BRgoBjah1ICsqXE",
    "entity": "payment",
    "status": "captured",
    "payment_instrument": {
      "entity": "payment_instrument",
      "id": 1000,
      "name": "mock",
      "type_id": 1000,
      "type_name": null
    "customer": {
      "contact_number": "8682008771",
      "email_id": "[email protected]",
      "id": "cs_BRaSbZJUZUQvJUp",
      "entity": "customer"
    "card": {
      "customer_id": "cs_BRaSbZJUZUQvJUp",
      "card_type": "2",
      "card_network": "visa",
      "id": "sb_card_attr_BRetpEQTRDszw27",
      "entity": "card"

The table below lists the webhook events available for Payments.

Webhook EventDescription
payment_capturedTriggered when a payment is successfully completed.
payment_failedTriggered when a payment failed
payment_pendingTriggered when a payment is in pending state
payment_cancelledTriggered when a payment is cancelled
payment_token_createdTriggered when a payment token is created
payment_token_attemptedTriggered when payment for a payment token has initiated
payment_token_paidTriggered when payment for a payment token has successful
va_viewedTriggered when the customer clicks on Virtual Account Option (Payment via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS)
cash_viewedTriggered when the customer clicks on "Cash" method as payment option