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wow gold

Dear immortals, I need some inspiration to create <https://www.wowtot.com>

Xamarin forms support

Is there any payment gateway plugin for Xamarin forms. If not, is there any documentation for gateway integration through a web view.

Shopify integration

Is Shopify integration available through your payment gateway

UPI Autopay

Are you provide UPI Autopay APIs for integration into mobile app?

for payment getway

hii i need you payment getway please guide us for geting payment getway

Shopify Integration

I have a shopify store, Does open payment gateway can be integrated to shopify store?

Fees & Commission data over API

When are you planning to include some way to get the fees and commission data over API. We were excited to use Open, tested. But then we couldn't continue without this data. All other payment gateways provides a way to handle fees and commission breakup. We can not show one value on our platform and show a different deposit in their bank account. Wondering how other online platforms using your service handling this. Pls suggest an options, dates and other thoughts to get this information over API.

How can you call your company an unicorn

I'm sorry to say this, but the way your documentation is done. I need you to reconsider yourself calling unicorn company. PLease improve your documentation. Take reference of other payment companies. You will loose so many customers with this kind of documentation continue to exist.

i tested sandbox, what is the live url for api

i tested sandbox, what is the live url for api

Unable to integrate nodejs API for virtual account creation.

I am getting an error while trying to create virtual account using sdk. My code is: // eslint-disable-next-line @typescript-eslint/no-var-requires const sdk = require("api")("@bank-open/v1#1fjj39ld4aaow1"); export async function createVirtualAccount(provider: ServiceProvider) { await sdk.createACustomerAccount({ name: provider.name, display_name: provider.name, contact_type: "Vendor", primary_contact: provider.bankAccountDetails?.accountHolderName, email_id: provider.email, mobile_number: provider.phone, beneficiary_account_number: provider.bankAccountDetails?.accountNumber, ifsc_code: provider.bankAccountDetails?.ifscCode, bank_name: provider.bankAccountDetails?.bankName, branch_name: provider.bankAccountDetails?.branchName, }); } Validation failed. /paths/vundefined/virtual_accounts/get has a path parameter named "version", but there is no corresponding {version} in the path string. How do I pass the version in the url?