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Money transfer Api

From, SHAJAHAN. Kk STAR Communications Cochin Kerala Ph 9744940754 [email protected] Sir, I need your money transfer I have on E service. I have a Corporate account with your bank. Plz tell us what it is

What is live url for virtual account

hi please share me virtual account live url kamalkanta 7797833489

What is live api url?

Where is live api url mentioned to switch to production?

which REST API I can use for fund transfer

which REST API I can use for fund transfer

which REST API I can use for collect payments

which REST API I can use for collect payments

Order ID not returning after payment successful

Hi Team, We integrated the layer payment approach for our website. After payment successfully, we are not getting the Order ID which was showing at the time of transaction. Endpoint: https://sandbox-payments.open.money/layer Request: { 'amount': 10.00, 'contact_number': "9876543210", 'email_id': "[email protected]", "currency": INR, 'mtx': uniqid() } Response: { payment_id: "sb_py_BR7WtRUsv1bUMHh", payment_token_id: "sb_pt_BR7WtH8vadZ0iMu", status: "captured" } Kindly help us to get the Order ID so that we can track the transaction after payment success.

i have problem with payout please

i transfered all necessary data to api url but status coming success how to debit from my accont to customer account in php technology

How to use payout in php

Plz send any videos

payment gateway

i want to open payment gateway with open . what should i have to do ?

Only 2 Payment Options are available

Hello Team I have integrated Open payment gateway on my WordPress website via the Woocommerce plugin. The problem is that one of our clients recently reached out to us saying that he is only getting two payment options: Netbanking and Imps. He is not able to see UPI and CC/DC options. Here is a screenshot: https://tinyurl.com/2ftdulll