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What is live url for virtual account

hi please share me virtual account live url kamalkanta 7797833489

Payment Links

I want to know where is the Payment Links API document

Oops! Invalid "accesskey" passed. Please check the Accesskey and URL passed.

I am testing sandbox on localhost. The API key passed is correct, but the error shows up Why?

Payout Live API URL

What is the Live URL of Payout API ?

Help to create Virtual account

How to create Virtual account in this site ?

Order id url for live mode trasaction

As we can check the sandbox transaction order id by the below url but how we can check the same in live mode? sandbox mode url https://sandbox-icp-api.bankopen.co/api/payment_token/sb_pt_H0qg5ztxDb/payment


Please provide live API

Order ID not returning after payment successful

Hi Team, We integrated the layer payment approach for our website. After payment successfully, we are not getting the Order ID which was showing at the time of transaction. Endpoint: https://sandbox-payments.open.money/layer Request: { 'amount': 10.00, 'contact_number': "9876543210", 'email_id': "[email protected]", "currency": INR, 'mtx': uniqid() } Response: { payment_id: "sb_py_BR7WtRUsv1bUMHh", payment_token_id: "sb_pt_BR7WtH8vadZ0iMu", status: "captured" } Kindly help us to get the Order ID so that we can track the transaction after payment success.

Money transfer Api

From, SHAJAHAN. Kk STAR Communications Cochin Kerala Ph 9744940754 [email protected] Sir, I need your money transfer I have on E service. I have a Corporate account with your bank. Plz tell us what it is