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how to create live payment token

how to create live payment token

My lone desbosmant

Hii I'm Madhuri my lone scation amount deposit to Bank ac

do you have wordpress or shopify plugin for open money?

i need to integrate Open Money Gateway in my woocommerce website but i don't know coding so can somebody help me?

Only 2 Payment Options are available

Hello Team I have integrated Open payment gateway on my WordPress website via the Woocommerce plugin. The problem is that one of our clients recently reached out to us saying that he is only getting two payment options: Netbanking and Imps. He is not able to see UPI and CC/DC options. Here is a screenshot: https://tinyurl.com/2ftdulll

UPI Payout not working

v2-api.bankopen.co /v1 / payouts ?otp=& debit_account_number=& transaction_types_id= 21&amount=212& vpa=965555555@icici&recepient_name=nishant&[email protected]&mobile_number= using in live environment but upi payout not working ,showing following error {"message":"Could not create payout request.Undefined array key \"txn_type\"","errors":[],"status":412} and using same url I have successfully transferred via imps

need in creating / doing payout

need in creating / doing payout need integration help

Invalid or empty API Key

The authorization is not happening. Following is the response { "message": "Invalid or empty API Key", "status": 403 }

What is live api url?

Where is live api url mentioned to switch to production?

payment gateway

i want to open payment gateway with open . what should i have to do ?

[email protected]

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