By configuring Market Place PG API, you can manage split settlement direct to the Vendors against the collection from the respective customers.
Also, as a merchant, you can charge a commission against each of the transactions

Follow the steps given below to use Market Place PG API for your Site.

Important Notes

  1. As a merchant, you will get your commission settled to your open pay and the vendor will get his split into his configured bank account (Sub Account) on the T+2nd business working day (For cards and Net Banks ) at 5 PM and the same day at 5 PM for UPI.

  2. To set the commission for the pg marketplace transaction, please reach out to [email protected] for further assistance.

  3. Merchants can view/download the pg marketplace settlements and transactions navigate to Open dashboard>> Payments >> Payment Gateway >> Marketplace Transactions / Settlements.

  4. Please note there will be no refund for marketplace transactions since a part of the transaction amount has already been settled to the vendor's account.